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Google Play


Recharge your Google Play account at any CashUnited location.


  • Inform your CU Agent about the Google Play product you would like to buy
  • Confirm and settle its price to your CU Agent
  • Take your Receipt with the code in it


How to Redeem:



1.Switch proxy to US one

Having your Google Play Store redeemed begins by changing your computer’s IP by using (or any other VPN program). Once you’ve downloaded the program and signed in, you’ll want to choose the US proxy, and bring the switch over to the “On” selection.


2. Access Google Wallet and change your country

Next, visit and access “Preferences” by clicking on the Gear icon at the top right corner. Your home address and other information will now be on display. Change your country to indicate that you’re from the United States, and then construct an artificial U.S. address and phone number in place of what you had before. Make sure the new address you’ve created is properly saved. If you find it difficult to come up with an address to redeem your card, then you should do some research on Google. Find actual addresses, and create one that could pass for the real thing.



You’re almost done. Head over to Google Play section. You’ll find an option that will allow you to redeem the Google Play Gift Card in your possession. If you have entered all of the information required of you correctly, then you should be able to have the card redeemed without any problems.


Below a link to a tutorial video on how to switch Google Play account from local to US: