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Subscribe to the annual SMS Car Alert service and receive text messages (SMS) on your mobile numbers reminding you of the following deadlines:

o   Mechanic due payment date.

o   Compulsory insurance renewal date.

o   Any unpaid outstanding parkmeter before mechanic.

o   Any issued parkmeter ticket on the registered cars.

o   Any issued speed ticket on the registered cars.



  • Inform the CU Agent about:
  1. Your vehicle type
  2. The code
  3. The plate number
  4. The compulsory insurance expiry date of your car
  5. Your full name
  6. Your mobile number
  7. Your desired language of the SMS (ENG or ARB)
  8. Your address (to receive the parkmeter tickets from Libanpost)
  • Pay the service fees
  • Take your Receipt from the CU Agent